Interesting pond in the garden is dream of man who have yard. Garden ponds are very decorative, and bring peace and harmony between the man and nature, and we give you some inspirational ideas to easily create one and beautify your garden.

Best time to prepare and make small pond is late spring or the beginning of the summer, and with a little good will and effort you can easily make it by yourself. There is only one rule: regardless of the choice of plants and materials from which you want to make it, it is necessary the pond to fit into the existing space. Thus, be sure to place the pond on the sunny space, tall plants should be planted deeper and lower plants to the edges of the pond. It is best to opt for a mold with the desirable shape which can hold water, and it can be changed manually, or simply set hoses or pipes for drainage and water supply. But if you think that this is to much work for you, leave this work to the professionals. Here we present you some contemporary garden pond designs, that may help you in your choice. Take a look below, and you might find many attractive garden pond designs that will inspire you for sure!