When it comes to interior design, mirrors can do literally anything you think. You can make the space to look larger, wider, taller, more elegant, to radiate more light, to make the atmosphere more relaxed, or look like a fairy-tale or to be more dramatic. Mirrors add extra depth to the room, creating the illusion of more space. In today’s world of design, you can see extensive use of the mirrors in the process of decorating, because of their great decorative power.

When selecting mirror for the home, should bear in mind its purpose. If you need a functional mirror, you can select decorative mirror with practical purpose. But if you need mirror s a decoration, there are a lot creative designs that can beautify your home. From sumptuous and oversized, to elegant and modest, mirrors will add to the style and splendor to any space. These details are used in homes since ancient times, and have been used a lot to create a rich and pleasant atmosphere. If you don’t want to spend a lot money for buying new mirror, we have a bunch of creative ideas for you. You can make some cool DIY mirror with interesting design. The following examples are simple and easy, and everyone can do them, with just a little effort. See them and you might get inspired to make some useful and fascinating mirror for your home!