How to Estimate the Moving Cost to New York City

Living in New York City is expensive. From the cost of transportation for everyday commute and renting to living, everything is outrageously pricey. But, “The City That Never Sleeps” sure has its attractions and those planning to move to NYC better plan it ahead. If you haven’t already planned out your move in advance, you will have great difficulty in budgeting later. There are numerous variables that go into estimating the cost of your big move the City of New York so be strategic about your move. Here are some of the factors that may contribute towards your moving costs, depending upon the nature of the commute.


  • Distance of the Commute


One of the factors that contribute the most towards estimation of the moving costs is the distance of the commute. Fuel costs definitely pay a huge role in long distance move. Most companies in NYC will charge you on hourly basis. Typically, movers in NYC charge between $70/hour to $110/hour for local commute that is inclusive of fuel charges. But, a great way to save money on the moving cost is to go for a company that charges commuters on per move basis since every move has a unique aspect of its own.  


  • Labor Costs


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Ball-parking the labor cost is also a great idea for drawing out a reasonable estimate. The labor costs generally depend upon the size of the home. Are you moving to or from a studio apartment, 3 bedrooms or 2 bedrooms house? Factors like the flight of stairs in both the new home and the previous one and number of movers required to transport the packages. Some movers have discounted rates if there are elevators in the apartments.


  • Weight of the Items versus Square Footage


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Whenever you are moving to another location, it is a wise idea to analyze whether the company charges you according to the weight of the items or the square footage that the packages consume. There are some companies that incorporate the weight of the items. So, customers often have to weigh the material before moving in order to move. An alternative strategy for cost estimation is the space that the items take. You will get better estimation rates if a company charges per square footage rather than the heaviness of the items and it is also a better way to draft out estimation beforehand.


  • Packing Supplies


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Of course, packing supplies that the moving company provides will add on to the estimates. Movers sometimes provide with free cardboard boxes but generally tapes, styrofoam, bubble wraps, boxes for packing things are generally incorporated in the estimate. Also, moving companies charge additionally if they have to pack and unpack the items.  

Ideally, if you are able to pack and unpack your items yourself, you will be able to save money on your move to NYC. Be mindful of the aforementioned factors when you are getting a moving estimate in NYC.